Social Anxiety

Social anxiety (also called social phobia) is an intense form of self-consciousness–for many, a painful and frustrating obstacle to living a full and happy life.

People suffering from social anxiety disorder experience overwhelming fear of judgment and embarrassment, often in day-to-day social situations. Some worry weeks in advance of a social occasion, seized by dread. School, work, and other regular activity–including making and keeping friends–can be adversely affected.

Socially anxious people often know all too well that their fears are outsized, disproportionate, but this understanding offers little to no relief. Anxiety, worry, stress, and discomfort still characterize dreaded social events, before, during, and after.

Some experience anxiety limited to a particular situation–e.g., public speaking, eating in front of other people. For others social anxiety encompasses all social encounters. Trembling, nausea, sweating, and blushing are all typical symptoms, each bringing an aggravated sense of embarrassment and of being judged.

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