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Unemployed Spouse Stress

Unemployment Stress Affects Other Spouse’s Work Performance (PsychCentral): In the study they examined daily stresses felt by married couples in which one spouse was employed and the other unemployed, and how that stress affected each spouse. “One of the key findings in this study is that couples are better at sharing their burden than helping […]

Workplace Anxiety

Forbes:  Do You Suffer From Workplace Anxiety? Try to embrace the challenges as they come. If you dread asking a question in a meeting, just do it to know how it feels. Be kind to yourself by imagining a nurturing parent patting you on the back and offering constructive feedback. Think: I’m proud of you […]

Unemployment Stress

Job-loss stress? Not as bad as you might think, says a study. The researchers divided the participants into four groups based on their life satisfaction reports. The largest group (69 percent) reported a relatively high and stable level of life satisfaction before losing their jobs. These people were more likely to be negatively affected at […]

Work Stress

Stressful job?  Mental health days are a solution for many. One in five workers will take time off from work because of stress, and 93 percent of these employees report lying — most of them reluctantly — to bosses about the reasons for staying home…the top five cover-ups used for stress absences include the following: […]

Job Interview Anxiety

21 ways to avoid job interview anxiety courtesy of U.S. News.  Here are a few: 10. Identify your strengths. Practice talking about them. Knowing your worth can make you feel more confident. 11. Identify your weaknesses. Practice ways of talking about them that are honest, yet also put you in the best possible light. 12. […]

Work Flexibility Stress

PsychCentral:  Too Much Work Flexibility Can Lead to Stress. “Most people probably would identify schedule control as a good thing — an indicator of flexibility that helps them balance their work and home lives,” noted Sociology professor Scott Schieman of the University of Toronoto. “We wondered about the potential stress of schedule control for the […]

Everyday Anxiety v. Anxiety Disorder

Workplace Anxiety article from Science comes with this table: Everyday anxiety Anxiety disorder Worry about paying bills, landing a job, a romantic breakup, or other important life events Constant and unsubstantiated worry that causes significant distress and interferes with daily life Embarrassment or self-consciousness in an uncomfortable or awkward social situation Avoiding social situations for […]

Jobless and Stressed

Jobless and Stressed but Holding Out Hope “It makes it hard when you do get an interview because your desperation and anxiety and lack of confidence show…I’m looking for anything these days.” (Business Week)