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Sleep with Me

Having trouble sleeping? You’re not alone. Here’s an essay from Pagan Kennedy about her insomnia and efforts to overcome it. One possibly valuable tip: tune in to tune out. Listening to something diverting but not terribly interesting can help you let go of being awake. The Sleep with Me Podcast fits the bill, because that’s what it’s […]

On Insomnia

An essay by Elizabeth Gumport at This Recording. It is impossible to describe insomnia to people who are sound sleepers. These are the people who trust that getting in bed will be followed by falling asleep, as surely as night follows day; these are the fearless people. Sleepless people are a very different breed…

Anxiety, Insomnia, and Menopause

The WSJ draws a connection between anxiety, insomnia, and menopause. “Many of these women are told, ‘You feel bad because your husband is having an affair, or your youngest is in college, or you didn’t get that promotion. Take this Prozac.’ When what is really going on was fluctuating levels of estrogen…”

Sleeping Disorders Caused by Anxiety

Last of these for posting here–Sleeping Disorders Caused by Anxiety:

Our Natural Sleep Cycle

TED talk from Jessa Gamble:

How Men and Women Sleep Differently

WebMD looks at the why and what happens when insomnia hits a couples’ bedroom:  He Slept, She Slept: Sex Differences in Sleep. In many cases, resolving the sleep issues — which Garfinkel is often able to accomplish in six to 12 sessions of cognitive behavioral therapy — allows the couple to explore other issues that […]

Why Can’t I Sleep?

Six reasons from Psychology Today.  Here’s one: 3. Turning sleep into a job. It’s eleven PM, you have an important early morning meeting, you’ve got to wake at 5:30 to shower, put on make-up, rouse the kids and make their lunches so you better sleep every minute! Except often you don’t. Worrying about sleep, thinking about […]

Sleeping Better in 14 Steps

14 Strategies for Sleeping Better from PsychCentral. Here’s a good one: Stop trying. Many people try to force themselves to fall sleep, especially if they have insomnia. However, because sleep is a biological process, Siebern said that it can’t be forced. In fact, “oftentimes short-term strategies of ‘trying to achieve’ sleep may actually maintain insomnia […]

Exercise v. Insomnia

Drug-Free Sleep Aid A new study rediscovers an organic solution to insomnia — regular aerobic exercise is found to improve the quality of sleep, mood and vitality… (Psych Central)

Insomnia Workbooks

New at the AnxietyLA Bookstore, a collection of insomnia books and workbooks, including Quiet Your Mind and Get to Sleep, briefly reviewed here by Beth Cholette, PhD.  Excerpt: [The authors] start by reviewing sleep-incompatible behaviors–for example, staying in bed when you can’t sleep–and then describing specific techniques to counteract these problematic patterns.  They continue to […]