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Anxiety Headlines

One way to measure the country’s–or, at least, journalists’–mood, the daily headlines: Recession is officially over, but anxiety lingers Sealing of BP Oil Well Doesn’t Eliminate Questions and Anxiety Anxiety Over New York Islamic Center Felt In Fargo Treatment is available!

Parenting Risk

Keeping Kids Safe From the Wrong Dangers.  Summed up: Parents tend to worry more about remote dangers (terrorists) than mundane ones (obesity, football). (NYT)

Type D Personality and Heart Health

Stressed-out, “Type D” personalities put heart at risk. People who constantly feel anxious or distressed have a higher risk of heart problems than people with a more easygoing personality.  A new study shows that heart disease patients with a Type D personality are more than three times as likely to suffer heart attack,heart failure, or other heart-related problems […]

Silver Lake Stress

Suffering from Silver Lake stress, Atwater anxiety, Glendale GAD or some other alliterative eastside ailment?  Anxiety Treatment L.A. is based in nearby Los Feliz–help from a licensed psychotherapist awaits.  Additional offices are in Beverly Hills for help with…westside worry…?  Call or write to discuss what you’re going through and arrange an appointment: (323) 739-4322.

How to Stop Worrying

According to Depak Chopra: We can simplify this by saying that for an anxious person, the mind is no friend. It is necessary, then, to turn your back on fearful thinking and stop trusting it. Learn to confront the onset of worry with the following statements to yourself: -Fear feels convincing, but it’s only a […]