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Psychotherapy for Social Anxiety…and the Brain

Does Social Anxiety Disorder Respond to Psychotherapy? Brain Study Says Yes (Science Daily) When the patients’ pre- and post-therapy EEGs were compared with the control groups’, the results were revealing: Before therapy, the clinical group’s delta-beta correlations were similar to those of the high-anxiety control group and far higher than the low-anxiety group’s. Midway through, […]

Therapy for Stress and Anxiety in L.A.

Connect with a therapist experienced in working with anxiety and stress.  Psychotherapy can be extremely effective in reducing anxiety, stress, and worry.  Offices in Los Feliz and Beverly Hills–easily reached from throughout Los Angeles.  Call Anxiety Treatment L.A. at (323) 739-4322 for a free phone consultation and to book an appointment.

Virtual Exposure Therapy

Virtual reality meets exposure therapy (Scientific American). Recently, some psychologists have successfully combined exposure therapy and virtual reality to treat fears of flying, heights and spiders, asking patients to interact with simulated environments that guarantee their safety…Now, a team of psychologists has completed the first clinical trial testing the treatment of cockroach phobia with augmented reality—a younger […]

Symptoms of Anxiety Disorders

Symptoms of Anxiety Disorders, the video:

Free Intro to CBT

The monthly CBT clinic at the Southern California Counseling Center is today (October 3, 2010), from 2-6pm.  Free (no cost!) consultation from a CBT therapist.  No appointment necessary. [UPDATE: Free clinic closed. You can still try SCCC for sliding-scale therapy.]

Autumn Anxiety

5 Ways to Manage Fall Anxiety.  The bullet points: 1. Pick a sound or object to be your Xanax. 2. Repeat: “I am good enough.” 3. Take it one minute at a time. 4. Pay attention to your breath. 5. Learn from it. (Psych Central)

Los Angeles Anxiety Help

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with anxiety, stress, and worry, you are not alone, and you are far from helpless.  Anxiety Treatment L.A. can help you begin to get your life back.  Call or write to connect with experienced anxiety help pros: (323) 739-4322,

Anxiety Treatment Options

Anxiety Treatments – What Will Work For You? Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is having great results. With this you are helped to become more self aware, learning what is happening to you whenever you experience anxiety. Through this self awareness, you will learn new behaviours, new ways of reacting to stress and pressure.. This works well […]

Treating Generalized Anxiety Disorder

From illumistream:

Treatment for GAD

Generalized Anxiety Disorder suggestions from a new Anxiety Disorders Association of America video series: