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Managing Social Anxiety

To help reduce social anxiety, therapy can be great, workbooks can be great…therapy plus a workbook?  Potentially very powerful, very effective. Managing Social Anxiety is part of the “Treatments That Work” series, which is almost entirely workbook-with-therapist friendly. Take a look.

For Shyness

Shyness: Evolutionary Tactic? (NYT): According to Daniel Nettle, a Newcastle University evolutionary psychologist, extroverts are more likely than introverts to be hospitalized as a result of an injury, have affairs (men) and change relationships (women). One study of bus drivers even found that accidents are more likely to occur when extroverts are at the wheel. […]

Psychotherapy for Social Anxiety…and the Brain

Does Social Anxiety Disorder Respond to Psychotherapy? Brain Study Says Yes (Science Daily) When the patients’ pre- and post-therapy EEGs were compared with the control groups’, the results were revealing: Before therapy, the clinical group’s delta-beta correlations were similar to those of the high-anxiety control group and far higher than the low-anxiety group’s. Midway through, […]

Procrastination and Social Anxiety

Arlin Cuncic looks at the connection: People procrastinate for many reasons, but the immediate goal is to bring a temporary sense of relief. The problem with procrastination is just that; the relief is temporary, and it is eventually replaced with anxiety about being behind in what you need to get done. If you suffer with social […]

Social Anxiety and How to Fight It

Just one among a big collection of YouTube videos on the topic:


Cybertherapy expands. For more than a decade, a handful of therapists have been using virtual environments to help people to work through phobias, like a fear of heights or of public spaces. But now advances in artificial intelligence and computer modeling are allowing them to take on a wider array of complex social challenges and to […]

Anxiety and (Quitting) Smoking

Study:  Anxiety makes it harder to quit smoking. Smokers often experience craving, negative feelings and difficulty concentrating in the minutes or hours after finishing a cigarette, and those feelings can be heightened simply because the smokers know they’re about to attempt to quit…In addition, participants with a history of panic attacks or social anxiety disorder […]

Social Anxiety Q&A

Questions about Social Anxiety Disorder answered at HelpGuide.

CBT v. Social Anxiety

A Cognitive Behavioral Therapy vignette from Judith Beck begins this way: My client, I’ll call her Alison, has social anxiety. Like many people with her problem, she holds a strong belief: “I shouldn’t call attention to myself.” Alison believes at heart that there is something inherently wrong with her, something that could potentially lead people […]

More Than Shy

…could it be Social Anxiety?  A Q&A at The Friendship Blog. People with social anxiety feel like they are constantly being evaluated by other people and even may become viscerally uncomfortable in the presence of others. Given these uncomfortable feelings, it’s understandable that the person would try to avoid or escape from social situations, even […]