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Friends and Mental Health

Many–forty percent–who have experienced serious depression recover completely, says a new study. What helps? One trusted friend: Social support was a major factor associated with complete mental health. “Formerly depressed adults who had emotionally supportive and close relationships were four times more likely to report complete mental health than those without such relationships. Having at […]

Is This You?

Writing about how anxiety can ruin relationships, PsychCentral blogger Peg Streep asks, “Is This You?” Here are four common patterns that amp up both your worry and your reactivity. Learning to recognize these triggers is the first step in getting into the present that’s really the present, unfiltered by the past. Awareness of these underlying […]

Stressed Out? Just Age

Stress Management and Empathy Improve With Age (PsychCentral) Emerging research suggests older people are better at seeing the positive side of a stressful situation and are better than young adults when empathizing with the less fortunate.  This better management of mental processes holds true even though older people may become emotional when confronted with poignant […]

Oxytocin v. Anxiety

From Science Daily:  Oxytocin and Social Contact Reduce Anxiety. “When animals receive oxytocin and are given an opportunity to recuperate in the presence of a familiar partner, their bodies may release extra oxytocin, which in turn appears to facilitate a less anxious pattern of behavior,” Yee said. The findings suggest that social contact is an […]

How Men and Women Sleep Differently

WebMD looks at the why and what happens when insomnia hits a couples’ bedroom:  He Slept, She Slept: Sex Differences in Sleep. In many cases, resolving the sleep issues — which Garfinkel is often able to accomplish in six to 12 sessions of cognitive behavioral therapy — allows the couple to explore other issues that […]

Friends of Panic Disorder

What NOT to Say to Someone With Panic Disorder You say: “Why can’t you just relax?” We want to say: “It’s a bit more complicated than you think!” During a panic attack, the following physiological changes can occur: * increased heart rate * adrenaline rushes * shortness of breath * lightheadedness * heart palpitations * nausea […]