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Sad Dads

Help needed for depressed fathers, reports NPR: Take a bow, American fathers. Dads of today are far more involved in raising their children than their fathers were. But with that greater involvement comes greater responsibility. And a new study in the journal Pediatrics finds some trouble brewing. Fathers who are depressed are far more likely […]

Parental Anxiety

Stephanie Newman, PhD asks, Can Parental Anxiety Interfere with a Child’s Social and Emotional Development? Bullets: Overplanning for your child can backfire Rejection Can Be the Kindest Cut–and limits can foster healthy development Children Need to Learn How to Be Alone

Absent (Mice) Moms and Anxiety

ScienceDaily:  Absent Mothers Can Cause Hyperactivity and Anxiety in Offspring Later in Life, Mouse Study Finds In mice, early weaning and separation from their mothers promotes long-lasting hyperactivity and anxiety . Researchers writing in the open access journal BMC Neuroscience describe the development of this new behavioral model, which they hope to use to investigate the […]

School Refusal and Anxiety Disorder

A look at both from the Wall Street Journal: “I Hate School” Extreme Edition. Anywhere from 5% to 28% of children will exhibit some degree of school-refusal behavior at some point, including truancy, according to Dr. Kearney, a leading authority on the behavior, and other experts. For kids with anxiety-fueled school refusal, the fear is […]

Parenting Risk

Keeping Kids Safe From the Wrong Dangers.  Summed up: Parents tend to worry more about remote dangers (terrorists) than mundane ones (obesity, football). (NYT)