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Facebook Stress

Study:  More Facebook leads to more stress (The Telegraph). Dr Kathy Charles, who led the study, said: “We found it was actually those with the most contacts, those who had invested the most time in the site, who were the ones most likely to be stressed. “It’s like being a mini news channel about yourself. […]


Study suggests logging off at bedtime. Staying up late to play video games, surf the Internet and send phone text messages may lead to learning problems, mood swings, anxiety and depression in children, a pilot study suggests.


Net-worked youth lose sleep For 19-year-old mass communication student Anshu Sharma, it is common to wake up suddenly in the night to check if there is any new mail or to see the latest update of her other social networking partners. Sharma, according to psychiatrists, is among a growing number of Indians aged between 15 […]

Disconnectivity Anxiety

Writer proposes a syndrome, Disconnectivity Anxiety: Do you freak out when you lose your mobile phone signal? Do you get stressed when your Internet goes down? Are you mortified if you have to use dial-up to access your email? If so, you may be suffering from “Disconnectivity Anxiety.” Though not an official psychiatric disorder, I see it as a growing […]