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Friends and Mental Health

Many–forty percent–who have experienced serious depression recover completely, says a new study. What helps? One trusted friend: Social support was a major factor associated with complete mental health. “Formerly depressed adults who had emotionally supportive and close relationships were four times more likely to report complete mental health than those without such relationships. Having at […]

Sad Dads

Help needed for depressed fathers, reports NPR: Take a bow, American fathers. Dads of today are far more involved in raising their children than their fathers were. But with that greater involvement comes greater responsibility. And a new study in the journal Pediatrics finds some trouble brewing. Fathers who are depressed are far more likely […]

Mood and Medical Symptoms

Depression, Anxiety Influence Recall of Medical Symptoms in Different Ways (PsychCentral): University of Iowa psychologists discovered that people who feel depressed report experiencing a higher number of past symptoms. People who feel anxious, by contrast, report more symptoms in the present moment.


Lifestyle Changes as Treatment for Mental Health Concerns, Depression, Anxiety (PsychCentral): For years, health professionals have advocated lifestyle changes in the form of diet, exercise and stress reduction to lower the risk of heart disease, diabetes and other chronic illnesses. New research shows that lifestyle changes — such as getting more exercise, spending more time in […]

Binge Drinking and Stress

Science Daily:  Binge drinking in adolescence changes stress response in adulthood Alcohol exposure during adolescence alters the body’s ability to respond to stress in adulthood, according to new research in rats presented at Neuroscience 2010, the annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience, held in San Diego. Because problems regulating stress are associated with behavioral […]

Food and Mood

The Los Angeles Times looks at the food-mood connection with a series of true/falses.  Here’s one: Omega 3 fatty acids found in fish help depression: True At the NIH, Hibbeln has spent two decades studying the effects of omega-3 fatty acids on depression and other mood disorders. The evidence that eating fish high in omega-3s can help […]

Teen Stress and Adult Mood

Study:  The potential lifelong impact of teen stress. Stress may be more hazardous to our mental health than previously believed, according to new research from Concordia University. A series of studies from the institution have found there may be a link between the recent rise in depression rates and the increase of daily stress.


Study suggests logging off at bedtime. Staying up late to play video games, surf the Internet and send phone text messages may lead to learning problems, mood swings, anxiety and depression in children, a pilot study suggests.

Exercise v. Anxiety and Depression

Another study, another confirmation: exercise reduces depression and anxiety. People who were not active in their leisure time were almost twice as likely to have symptoms of depression compared to the most active individuals, the study found…But the intensity of the exercise did not seem to make any difference.

Anxiety and Surgery

The Los Angeles Times reports on a study that shows depression and anxiety interfering with healing after surgery. Why would depression and anxiety make a patient more vulnerable? The researchers offered several theories. Among them: Depressed patients don’t take as good a care of themselves, so when they go in for surgery, they may have […]