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CBT v. Social Anxiety

A Cognitive Behavioral Therapy vignette from Judith Beck begins this way: My client, I’ll call her Alison, has social anxiety. Like many people with her problem, she holds a strong belief: “I shouldn’t call attention to myself.” Alison believes at heart that there is something inherently wrong with her, something that could potentially lead people […]

Symptoms of Anxiety Disorders

Symptoms of Anxiety Disorders, the video:


Germaphobia, claustrophobia, hoarding…treatment.  Season 1, Episode 6 of Obsessed, courtesy of Hulu:

Free Intro to CBT

The monthly CBT clinic at the Southern California Counseling Center is today (October 3, 2010), from 2-6pm.  Free (no cost!) consultation from a CBT therapist.  No appointment necessary. [UPDATE: Free clinic closed. You can still try SCCC for sliding-scale therapy.]

Anxiety Self-Help Pack

Anxiety self-help pack posted by the University of Huddersfield. 106 pages worth of worksheets and info. Have at it!  

Stress and Anxiety Lifestyle Changes

Here’s a big page on stress and anxiety lifestyle changes from the New York Times.  The bullets:  Exercise, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Relaxation Techniques, Herbal and Natural Remedies.

CBT v. Social Phobia

NPR looks at Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Social Phobia. Reporter Alix Spiegel profiles one patient — a woman we’ll call Judy Smith — who sought Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to help her deal with her social phobia. We spend time with Judy, show how the therapy works and find out why it helps her in ways […]

CBT v. Anxiety

The Effectiveness of Evidence-Based Treatment in Combating Multiple Anxiety Disorders Results showed that CALM techniques were significantly more effective than usual care in reducing global anxiety symptoms.  Patients undergoing CALM treatment had significantly reduced scores on the Brief Symptom Inventory. (Beck Institute Blog)

Anxiety Treatment Options

Anxiety Treatments – What Will Work For You? Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is having great results. With this you are helped to become more self aware, learning what is happening to you whenever you experience anxiety. Through this self awareness, you will learn new behaviours, new ways of reacting to stress and pressure.. This works well […]

Treating Generalized Anxiety Disorder

From illumistream: