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Five Anxiety Reducers

From PsyBlog, Feeling Anxious? 5 Scientifically Proven Relaxation Techniques. The list: 1. Progressive relaxation 2. Applied relaxation 3. Autogenic training 4. Meditation 5. Cognitive behavioral therapy Details on the site.  

Stressed Spelled Backwards

Dessert rack at Astro, Silver Lake:    

Anxiety Self-Help Pack

Anxiety self-help pack posted by the University of Huddersfield. 106 pages worth of worksheets and info. Have at it!  

Busy Bodies, Happy Minds

The L.A. Times looks as studies that say, “Feeling bad? Do something.” In several recent studies, social scientists have zeroed in on why paychecks alone can’t explain the link between work and well-being. The evidence shows that people can find meaning in seemingly insignificant jobs and that even trivial tasks make us far happier than […]

Yoga vs. Anxiety

New study finds new connection between yoga and mood Researchers from Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM) have found that yoga may be superior to other forms of exercise in its positive effect on mood and anxiety. The findings, which currently appear on-line atJournal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, is the first to demonstrate an […]